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January 24, 2011

Pin-up: Victoria Mabel Crane

Victoria Mabel Crane

Vicky is the daughter of wealthy English parents who came to Baritaria to study fine art at the Wenceslaus Academy. While not too fond of Baritarian winters, she find the country exotic and inspiring enough to put up with them. Being able to layer herself with as much vintage and thrifted clothing as possible is an added bonus.

She and Felix met in their first year and got on so well that after the initial year of student housing, they decided to be roommates and find a flat together. She is dating Nikola, another student at Wenceslaus and a native Baritarian, and the two of them are getting pretty serious.

Vicky is fond of travelogues, John Singer Sargent paintings, Christian iconography (though she herself is not religious), ballet and the 1960s and 70s.

Fun trivia: In a film, Vicky would be played by Carol Kane.

While her father, in my mind, is exactly like Niles Crane, only English and with the first name Nigel. And, obviously, would be played by David Hyde Pierce.

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