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February 12, 2009

Buttons and Banners

Enjoy buttons + banners for Baritarian Boy. Please use, and let me know where you have used them so I can return the favour.


  1. good evening, dears.
    I just wanted to note that Birdie's friends are watching your works with great pleasure!

    Good luck! (no need to favor back)

  2. I see that Sep got ahead of me with the fan(g)girl greetings.
    Well, a double dose won't do any harm, so Congratulations! and we will be looking forward to new pages.

    Indre S.

    ...and now Birdie will go make herself a cup of tea and get to typing, because she really does owe Fyodor a decent e-mail.

  3. It is my very great pleasure to announce that you have been linked back on Sixpenny! <3 Best of wishes and lucky blogging,