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February 12, 2009

Chapter 1 - Introductions

The capital city of Baritaria with the Gurudev river running through it, is a mass of spires and gothic cubbyholes surrounding Coronation Bridge and the Royal Residence.  The one true
 metropolis in the tiny island makes its main source of income from tourism and flocks of
 artists who come to study in its nurturing atmosphere. 

Felix Sokolov 

age:  20
nationality:  Russian
occupation:  fine art student, bakery shop boy.
likes:  Baritaria, cabbage pies, cats, painting, old places.
dislikes:  English tourists,
modern art, revisionist

Havel Stüek

age: 24
occupation: tour guide
likes: practicing English, sex, playing accordion, the royal family, discount bread.
dislikes: the police, people who don't tip, not having sex.

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